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Access 3000+ editable Microsoft powerpoint shapes, infographics, wireframes, hand drawn icons and royalty free images. Simply search what you are looking for and drag it right into your powerpoint presentation slide!

Free PowerPoint Infographics

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes help create complex and composite shapes such as Split Concentric Circles/ Onion Charts, Split Triangles, Gantt Charts, Project Phases and a lot more, in seconds.

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Create stunning visuals in no time with 110+ custom built tools that help create visual content, automate formatting, create complex infographics and manipulate shapes like never before.

Free Presentation Templates

Get the right ppt template when you need it! Check out our powerpoint presentation templates. Click here for powerpoint free download.

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Supports PowerPoint O365, PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010 32-bit & 64-bit Edition

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DrawingBoard Has Large Stencil Library for PowerPoint

Search awesome professional editable powerpoint infographics drag drop customize real-time prototype DrawingBoard best powerpoint add-in Shapes Panel

Unleash your creativity, prototype on-the-go, with DrawingBoard, one of the Best PowerPoint Add-In. Our shapes panel gives you easy access to thousands of Free PowerPoint Infographics, Free Business PowerPoint Templates, editable PowerPoint objects, wireframes, icons and a lot more.

Simply type in the search box what you are looking for, the list of matching shapes automatically filters until you get your desired shape. Find the right shape and simply drag the shape right into your slide. The shape gets inserted instantly and is all ready to be edited and customized. It’s that simple!

Objects Classified Into Categories
Mainstream infographic business PowerPoint templates icons classified intuitive categories business management fitness composite shapes

DrawingBoard’s shapes panel objects are organized into categories for easy and intuitive classification of shapes.

DrawingBoard’s shapes panel categories cover dozens of mainstream topics from business, infographics, teams, professional success and many many more!

Each object with in a category contains a title and a tool tip to help you use the object more effectively. Experience a whole new world of capabilities with DrawingBoard, Microsoft Office add-ins for PowerPoint.

1000+ Editable Icons Made With Ppt Shapes
Editable best Office PowerPoint icons professionally hand drawn native PowerPoint shapes drag drop from DrawingBoard PowerPoint free add ins Shapes panel

DrawingBoard brings at your fingertips a remarkable collection of 1000s of professionally designed icons. All icons are editable and built using native PowerPoint shapes. DrawingBoard icons can be resized to any scale and can also be used as regular PowerPoint shapes.

DrawingBoard icons are organized into categories and can be searched with multiple keywords in no time.

Dozens Of Editable World And Country Maps
Editable PowerPoint Infographics, worldmap political maps USA states UK Europe Asia Australia India PowerPoint shapes panel drag drop DrawingBoard Office Add-Ins For PowerPoint

Dozens of editable maps are packed into DrawingBoard.

Our maps cover all continents, major countries, world maps and satellite view of the world. Simply search for a map using our shapes panel, drag the map into your slide and edit it just like any PowerPoint shape.

Highlight any geography or part of the world in no time with DrawingBoard free add ins for PowerPoint.

Use 100+ Royalty Free Images
Royalty free images high quality HD no copyright and infographics free to use images. Templates for business innovation architecture teams impact speed

A picture tells a thousand words... indeed! A pertinent picture can be a very powerful way to convey your message.

Our shapes panel brings at your fingertips a vast collection of royalty free images that you can freely use without worrying about any IP rights issues.

Simply search for the right picture in our shapes panel and drag it right into your slide.

DrawingBoard's Online Object Store
DrawingBoard free PowerPoint add ins 2016/2017/2018/2019 online object store awesome free PowerPoint infographics top collection mainstream topics free download

DrawingBoard’s shapes panel is linked to our Online Object Store. Our online Object Store is a living and a breathing collection of a large number of objects.

Our team of professionals works relentlessly to create best in class shapes on mainstream topics and makes them available in DrawingBoard’s object store periodically, as new categories. New categories of objects can be downloaded readily into your system and will appear instantly in your Shapes Panel.

Access awesome PowerPoint templates online download them in a single click and start using them right away! Try DrawingBoard, PowerPoint add-ins free download!!

Create Your Own Objects & Categories
Create business PowerPoint template object categories add in shapes panel share collaborate reuse save time DrawingBoard PowerPoint add-ins free download

You Can Create Your Own Objects And Add Them To DrawingBoard's Shapes Panel For Later Use.

Simply Create A New Category and add your objects instantly.The Newly Added Object will Appear in your shapes panel and can be used just like any other shapes panel object You Can Also Share Your Objects with rest of your team by creating a company wide library of objects. This Feature is Enabled on a case by case basis.

Create awesome business infographics complex composite shapes in no time with DrawingBoard's free addon IntelliShapes for PowerPoint

Create Complex Shapes

Drawing board's Intellishapes

Save time improve productivity create 1 click best business infographics custom IntelliShapes template DrawingBoard Free PowerPoint Add Ins

Composite shapes such as split concentric circles / Onion Diagram or split triangles are now main stream infographics. But creating such shapes in native PowerPoint is no easy task. It can take hours to get a complex composite visual right in PowerPoint.

This is where DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes come in handy. DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes is a collection of premium tools that helps in creating complex and composite shapes such as Split Concentric Circles, Split Triangles, Gantt Charts, Project Phases and lot more, in seconds.

Create brilliant with DrawingBoard, a cool and free PowerPoint add ins 2019.

IntelliShapes : Split concentric circles / Onion Diagram for PowerPoint

Split circle segments sections create multilayer bullseye onion chart diagram  wheels ripple effect DrawingBoard for office add-ins for PowerPoint

Split concentric circles are very useful objects to create variety of infographics. Create a multi layered wheel diagram or draw a bullseye or depict primary secondary and tertiary details in no time with DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes Concentric Circles.

Many more compelling visuals such as Onion Charts, colour wheels, ripple effect and a lot more can be developed using DrawingBoard IntelliShapes Concentric Circles.

IntelliShapes: Split Triangle Shapes
Best PowerPoint Split triangles layers pyramid hierarchy shapes diagram converging structure IntelliShapes DrawingBoard PowerPoint free addon

Split triangles or layered triangles or segmented pyramid are great ways to showcase a hierarchical structure.

There are times when we need to further split a layer of a triangle into smaller parts to depict multiple components. DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes Split Triangles helps create split triangles within seconds.

IntelliShapes: Radially Split Triangle
Convergence classic bottom to the top of a pyramid layers split multi level diagram DrawingBoard free add ins for PowerPoint

Radially split triangles are used extensively to depict the convergence of components from the bottom to the top of a pyramid.

Radially split triangles also help illustrate continuity of components from bottom to the top. DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes Radial Split Triangles helps create complex formations within seconds.

IntelliShpaes: Gantt Chart
Best business project management planning work progress track reporting graphical chart tool Gantt Chart DrawingBoard PowerPoint addin

A Gantt Chart is the most widely used visual for graphically illustrating a project plan over a period of time.

In reality Gantt Charts are updated several times before they are finalized. Changing the timeline of a Gantt chart can be particularly challenging in native PowerPoint as dates must be managed manually. DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes Gantt Charts does the job for you in seconds.

IntelliShapes : Project Phases
Project phases work plan activities tasks roles deliverables assets milestone step schedule DrawingBoard free PowerPoint addon

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes Project Phases is a powerful tool to help you create phase wise details of a project.

We can create up to 10 phases and 10 keynotes per phase. Keynotes are tracks that run across phases and each keynote can contain up to 15 rows.

Custom built PowerPoint best smart tools in 2019 ribbon manage shapes lines spacing splits merge operations DrawingBoard PowerPoint plug-in

Boost Your Productivity

Create Circular Formations In No Time
Create fantastic circular formation in secs make awesome converging arrows circular arrows DrawingBoard PowerPoint addin 2016/2017/2018/2019

DrawingBoard’s Converge all Apexes is a powerful and tactical tool which can help create fantastic circular formations in no time.

This tool is designed for both radial formations and circumferential formations.

Slice Objects Vertically Or Horizontally
Cut slash divide trim split slice PowerPoint shapes images horizontal or vertical in 1-click DrawingBoard free PowerPoint addon

Cut, divide and trim shapes and images using DrawingBoard Slice Objects.

At times, splitting a shape or an image can be very meaningful. The split parts can be formatted separately to create stunning visuals which bring magical effect into your presentation. But splitting a shape manually can be a very tiresome job. DrawingBoard’s Slice tool is created exactly for this purpose.

Create Torn Paper Or Torn Edge Effect
Create Torn Edge Effect Torn Paper Ripped Edge collage looks news cutting photo parts DrawingBoard PowerPoint addin free

Create Torn Edge Effect or Torn Paper Effect or Ripped Edge Effect.

Torn edges can be particularly useful to create a collage like impression or distressed looks or even to indicate that something is extracted from a larger entity. DrawingBoard’s Torn Edges Tool creates the torn paper effect within seconds. The torn edges can be created one at a time or all at once on one or multiple shapes together.

Place Objects In A Circle Or A Semi Circle
Place PowerPoint objects in circle semicircle choose radius make beautiful circular formation DrawingBoard one of the Best PowerPoint Add-In

Positioning objects in a circular fashion can be a very enticing visual trick. DrawingBoard’s Place in a Circle tool is design exactly for this purpose.

Place in a Circle tool allows the user to select a set of objects and position them along the circumference of a circle. The positioning can be done along a full circle or along a semi-circle.

Insert Analog Clock
Create amazing analog clocks editable change time choose templates world time zones DrawingBoard PowerPoint plug-in free

Clocks can be particularly useful while discussing across different time zones or planning the working hours of a day.

DrawingBoard’s smart clock tool inserts a static analog clock for a specified time or the system time.

The clock style can be chosen from 14 different clock styles provided.

Insert Smart Calender
Create dynamic month calendar update realtime in one-click smart planner task register DrawingBoard PowerPoint free add-on

Drawing a calendar manually and changing it when required is arguably a very cumbersome task. DrawingBoard’s Insert Smart Calendar does the job for you.

Just select a year and a month and a smart calendar gets inserted in your slide. The smart calendar can be changed to next and previous months simply by clicking on the special controls. These special controls appear on the top right corner when we click on the calendar inserted. Simply click on these control and change the calendar to any month of your choice.

Insert Smart Harvey Balls
Insert smart Harvey Ball change degree real time ideogram comparison table qualitative information DrawingBoard Office addon

Harvey balls have been used for decades to depict and compare qualitative parameters, are still relevant.

The Harvey Balls added by DrawingBoard’s smart Harvey Balls tool come with a mechanism to increase or decrease the Harvey Balls by 1/8th portion through special navigation controls. Work with Harvey Ball like never before.

Replicate Shapes
Replicate any object or image right left top center in your slide in one click use DrawingBoard PowerPoint free addin

Many a times we need to simply replicate a PowerPoint shape or image shape left, right, top or bottom.

DrawingBoard replicate tools do this job for you in a single click. Simply select a shape and replicate it any direction.

Adjust Angles Of Chevrons,Arrows Etc.
Adjust notch angles of chevrons, pentagons, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids PowerPoint block arrows in no time

Manually adjusting the notch angle of shapes can be a nightmare.

Adjust the notch angles of chevrons, pentagons, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids and all possible block arrows in no time. This tool can help create acute, obtuse or normal looks as well as

Convert Any Shape Into A Value Chain
Create value chain blocks activity strategy diagram from any PowerPoint shape with DrawingBoard PowerPoint free addon

Value chain is a common visual used in PowerPoint for decades now.

Simply select any shape and convert it into a set of value chain blocks of different styles and different number of blocks. The total length of the value chain is same as that of the original shape selected.

Swap Shapes
Select any 2 shapes tables images or any PowerPoint object and swap their positions DrawingBoard PowerPoint free addin

Swap positions of any two shapes or groups or images or charts in a single click.

The first object takes the top left coordinate of the second object and vice versa.

Straighten Lines
Select line shapes and make them straight vertically or horizontally try DrawingBoard PowerPoint addin free

It’s sometimes almost impossible to straighten a PowerPoint line shape either vertically or horizontally.

And it gets even trickier when there are several lines in a slide. DrawingBoard’s Straighten Lines comes in very hand in these situations. This tool comes in three flavours. Straighten horizontally or vertically whichever is closest, Straighten horizontally and Straighten vertically.

Convert Text Lines Into Shapes
Convert each line of text in a ppt shape as a separate shape with style format same as original shape DrawingBoard addon

Convert text lines to shape in a single click.

This tool converts each line of text in a shape as a separate shape with style and format same as the original shape.

Merge text Boxes
Convert multiple PowerPoint text shapes into a single ppt shape in one click try DrawingBoard ppt plug-in free

Convert multiple text shapes into a single shape in a single click.

This tool takes several shapes and converges them into a single shape. The style and shape of the single shape is same as that of the last shape selected.

Save precious time format quick with ease manage fonts align PowerPoint shapes efficiently DrawingBoard PowerPoint addin free

Save Your Precious Time

Select Similar Shapes
Select similar PowerPoint shapes based on Shape type, fill, dimension, test, font line properties DrawingBoard powerpoint addin

Imagine how challenging it could be to manually select all circles in a slide or all shapes of same color in a slide.

DrawingBoard’s Select Similar Shape is the tool you need in such situations. DrawingBoard’s Select Similar Shape tools allows us to select similar shapes based on up to 17 shape properties which include Shape type, fill, dimension, test, font and line properties. This tool is located on the ribbon as well as in the right click on a shape. Simply select a shape and right click on it to select similar shapes.

Drawing Board's Format Painter Tool
Capture all possible properties of a PowerPoint shape apply only what you want where you want DrawingBoard free PowerPoint addin 2019

The DrawingBoard Format Painter enables formatting like never before! The DrawingBoard Format Painter is a comprehensive formatting tool which enables formatting objects in a variety of ways on your current slide as well as objects in your entire presentation all at once. The DrawingBoard Format Painter tool works hand in hand with the DrawingBoard Apply Format tool. Both these tools are placed next to each other in the DrawingBoard ribbon.

The DrawingBoard Format Painter captures all possible characteristics of a shape and the DrawingBoard Apply Format enables you to apply only what you want on a target shape. The target shape can be on your current slide on your entire presentation. Copy it all but apply only what you want where you want!

Create A Custom Stamp
Create business style lable stamp notice heading mark draft note highlight illustrative custom label DrawingBoard PowerPoint Addin free

DrawingBoard’s add stamp is a handy tool to mark a slide as ‘confidential’ or ‘Draft’ or ‘Illustrative’ or any other label.

Choose from one of our prebuilt stamps or create your own stamps. The stamps created can be later edited, resized and used like regular PowerPoint shapes.

Move Shapes With Ease
DrawingBoard’s increase horizontal space, decrease horizontal space, increase vertical space and decrease vertical space tools can come in very handy in moving shapes

Moving shapes closer or farther can be a challenging task if done one shape at a time.

DrawingBoard’s increase horizontal space, decrease horizontal space, increase vertical space and decrease vertical space tools can come in very handy in moving shapes.

Set Same Dimensions Of Objects
DrawingBoard tools works on powerpoint shapes ,including charts ,images ,tables and all other native shapes.

This tools sets two or more objects selected to be of same width or same height.

The Dimensions of the object selected last are applied on all selected objects. This tools works on powerpoint shapes ,including charts ,images ,tables and all other native shapes.

Align Shapes
Touch bring closer farther scattered PowerPoint shapes images align in no time with ease DrawingBoard PowerPoint add-on free

DrawingBoard brings key essential native PowerPoint formatting tools optimally placed in its ribbon and available at a single click, thereby helping you save significant time navigating tabs and drop downs for routine functions.